What is Affiliate Marketing, Programs, Networks etc

QuestionJust starting out exploring the possibilities of affiliate marketing? Don’t miss out on understanding the meaning of the content your read! Here are some short descriptions with information about some of the most common “affiliate terms” used on Programorama.com and other affiliate marketing sites online.

What is an “Affiliate”?

An affiliate is a person who is part of an affiliate program for a company/website/shop/service and get payed a commission when the advertising the person does for said company turns into a sale.

What is an “Affiliate Program”?

A system for affiliates that tracks statistics about their performance and contains marketing material the affiliate can use to market the company/website/shop/service.

What is an “Affiliate Network”?

An affiliate network is a system where many affiliate programs can be part. The affiliate can advertise all containing affiliate programs and track their performance and get marketing material for all participating affiliate programs with one single login.

What is “Affiliate Marketing”?

Affiliate Marketing is the advertisement of affiliate programs. This can be done in many ways like simply placing a banner on your website/blog or writing in-depth about a company/website/shop/service with an affiliate link within the content.

More terms which is important to know about

Commission – The money you get payed for the ad every time a specific action have occurred. For instance a sale has been made or a membership has been signed.

Revenue Share – You part of the revenue generated by customers visiting through your affiliate ads. This can be one time or recurring for the entire time the person stays a member or keeps spending at the site you are advertising.

Cookie Duration – When a visitor clicks on one of your ad but waits to perform the required action to generate commission for you, the cookie duration decides how long wait is accepted while still earning you commission. This usually is about 30 days, sometimes it is just 1 day but it can also be lifetime.